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  • Matthew Atkins

Foundations Series

Over the past few months we have been in our series ‘Foundations’ truth to build our lives upon’ which has been based upon Elim’s core beliefs.

Elim is the stream of churches that SCC belongs to and they have produced these 12 areas to shape the framework of what we believe.

Whilst each topic could have been a series in itself we wanted to go over these essential teachings to help give us all a better understanding of such important subjects.

We provided notes and have had a variety of speakers, including myself, Pastor Moyo, Gary Gibbs (National Evangelist for Elim), and our very own Liz Brown.

All of these sermons are available on our YouTube channel to watch back - see below for the links.

The Bible

The Trinity

Jesus the Saviour

The Holy Spirit

Humanity and Sin


The Church

The Ministry of the Church


The Commission

Jesus the Coming King

The Future State

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