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What We Do

SCC has been a hub for the community for decades and continues to demonstrate its faith through loving action. There are various activities and ways that we serve and reflect our love for God.


Stirchley Community Church has community in the middle of its name and at the heart of its purpose.


We exist to help people in a growing relationship with Jesus and this is not exclusive to those who attend our services. We do this by loving and serving others in Stirchley and the neighbouring wards.


The church has had many community projects over the years and has recently been helping support those most affected by COVID-19.





We're a church that loves to serve local and global needs. Overseas, we serve by partnering with missionaries, ministries and pastors from various nations around the world. We have had a number connections over the years, specifically with Paraguay and Macedonia. We are currently in the process of developing a relationship with a great work in Tanzania too.

At SCC, we believe that the worldwide Church is not buildings but people and so our heart is to help and serve the people of these nations. In all our partnerships, we hope to help people grow in relationship with Jesus, as well as serve practical and physical needs, through our love and support.


Over the years, there've been a number of opportunities for people to go and serve other nations and we hope for this to continue through our partnerships.




We know that life presents challenges at different stages and ages. Because of this, we strive to be a source of help and support, both for people within the church and in the local community. We do our best to help those in need and care for everyone from newborns and their parents to the elderly.


We have a team of people who work to connect and look out for those who need additional support.


If you want more information on the ways we do this, need prayer or simply someone to talk to, please get in touch. We would love to be of assistance.

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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

At SCC we love to spend time focusing on God. Music or worship songs is one of a variety of ways that we do this. Musical worship is a way both to express yourself to God and to declare truths about who He is.

Musical worship is a regular feature of our Sunday services, giving us the opportunity to celebrate, reflect and worship together through music.



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